• Next Board Meeting

    The next meeting of the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying will be held on May 13, 2016 at the TCEQ Complex, 12100 Park 35 Circle, in building E, room 201, at 9 am. Any RPLS/LSLS that attends the…

What’s New:

5/9/2016: Forum on the Future of Surveying

This questionnaire is provided by the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) as a mechanism to gather feedback on the initial report of the Forum on the Future of Surveying. Read more…


3/2/2016: Surveyor Exhibit to Open at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum

An exhibit featuring antique surveying equipment will be opening later this month at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum located in Waco, Texas. Read more…


2/16/2016: Board Proposed to Amend Rules

The Board is proposing to amend the following Board Rules: 661.31, 661.55, 661.57, and 661.99. The Board is also proposing to repeal Rule 663.14 in order to renumber the rule as 663.11. Read more…


1/13/2016: License Renewal Proves Challenging

Another renewal period is behind us and the administrative staff at TBPLS wanted to offer some comments. Read more…


12/3/2015: December 31st Deadline for submitting license renewal fees

Many of you are likely busy with the holiday season or celebrating the extra $200 in your pocket.  Don’t let your license renewal payment drop by the wayside! Read more…


12/3/2015: NCEES Future City Competition- Surveying Judges

NCEES is in the process of recruiting surveyor judges for the Future City Regional Competition. Read more…


11/12/2015: Surveying Equipment Stolen from Westwood Company Truck

Westwood Professional Services in Plano, Texas reported that surveying equipment was stolen from a company truck on Tuesday, November 10 in Fort Worth, Texas. Read more…



The online portal opens November 1st. Renewal fees are $179 for all currently registered RPLS licensees.  Inactive fees remain the same. Read more…


6/19/2015: Reduction in Land Surveying Licensing Fees

On June 15, 2015, Governor Greg Abbott signed into law House Bill (HB) 7 which includes elimination of the $200 occupational tax paid by registered professional land surveyors and other licensed professionals. Read more…


2/17/2015: To Whom Do I Complain?

According to Rule 663.1, a firm offering surveying services to the public is supposed to inform those receiving their services that any complaints regarding the service they received can be directed to the Board. Read more…


11/25/2014: New License Verification Portal

TBPLS has added an online License Verification portal to the website. This portal will enable applicants to the Texas Board to submit their License Verification quickly and electronically to accompany their application. Read more…


 7/3/2014: Rule Change Regarding RPLS Exam

Please be notified that the Board’s recent rule change regarding the RPLS Exam will tentatively take effect in 2015. Read more…


Clarification of New Board Rule: Use of Firm Registration Number

Many of you have asked for clarification regarding rule 661.57(1), “a firm shall not offer land surveying services to the public unless the offer of services contains the Firm Registration Certificate number.” Read more…

Statewide Goal

The priority goal will be to ensure that Texas consumers are effectively and efficiently served by high quality professionals and businesses by setting clear standards, maintaining compliance and seeking market-based solutions.

The Mission

The mission of the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying is to protect the residents of Texas by regulating, licensing and renewing the licenses of only competent surveyors; surveyors able to provide accurate surveys which will result in the orderly use of our physical environment.

The Philosophy

The Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying will license only competent surveyors and will regulate the practice of surveying. We will manage our resources as efficiently and effectively as possible with a commitment to excellence.