Surveyor in Training

If you are interested in land surveying, the Surveyor in Training (SIT) certification is the beginning point. SIT certification allows you time to obtain additional education and/or experience as you move towards licensure as a Registered Professional Land Surveyor.

Beginning January 2014, the Fundamentals of Surveying exam will be offered several times per year. Visit the NCEES web site at for more information. However, you must qualify, and be approved by the Board, to take the exam.

There are five different ways to qualify to take the exam:

  1. hold a Bachelor of Science in surveying;
  2. hold a Bachelor’s degree with 32 hours in civil engineering, land surveying, math, photogrammetry, forestry, land law or the physical sciences and one year of experience working under a RPLS;
  3. hold an Associate’s degree in surveying and have two years of experience working under a RPLS
  4. have 32 hours in land surveying courses and two years of experience working under a RPLS; or
  5. graduated from high school, have four years of experience working under an RPLS, and can prove you are self-educated in land surveying.

Once you have qualified, been approved and pass the exam, the Board will issue you a SIT Certificate. This certificate is valid for eight years and allows you the opportunity to obtain the necessary education and/or experience to later apply for the RPLS license if you so choose. Many individuals choose to keep their SIT certification at the end of the eight-year period, by paying the annual renewal fee and earning the minimum hours of continuing education each year.

During the time the SIT is working under the supervision of the RPLS, he or she cannot prepare survey reports or sign and seal surveys.