License Renewal Proves Challenging

Another renewal period is behind us and the administrative staff at TBPLS wanted to offer some comments.

Each renewal period, the agency sees two things happen consistently with registrants: the scramble to obtain continuing education hours for the year and licensees not checking their ability to access their online account before the renewal period.

It is important to realize that when a registrant pays online, they are using the Board’s web site as a gateway to the State of Texas Licensing System, administered by a separate state agency, the Health Professions Council (HPC). This licensing system allows registrants to set up an account so that they can pay their renewal fee by credit card during the renewal period (November 1 through December 31).

A key thing to remember when using the Licensing System is that the email address used to set up the account is the address to which the registrant’s license will be attached. If a registrant uses a work email address to set up their account, or if someone else in their office sets up the account and pays their license renewal for them, they could encounter a problem in the future if they set out on their own. Unlike resetting a forgotten password, separating a license from an email address, or changing a profile email address, is not as simple. In order to do this a registrant will have to contact HPC via email ( to submit their request.

We advise any registrant that would like to use the Licensing System to pay their renewal to attempt to access their account prior to the renewal period, as their account is accessible to them throughout the year. Confirming that you can access your account prior to the renewal period will prevent difficulties that may arise at the last minute. HPC, much like TBPLS, is a small state agency.Understandably, the holiday season affects its staff’s availability to field an onslaught of inquiries or to fix problems immediately.

In addition, the staff at TBPLS suggests that registrants obtain their continuing education hours throughout the year. It has been our experience that waiting until the renewal period to earn the required CEUs leads to difficulties in getting all hours completed in time.

We hope that this advice will help our registrants next renewal season. For more information about renewals please do not hesitate to give the staff at TBPLS a call.

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